Water For Life Intro

Posted in Uncategorized by skysearcher on the March 21, 2012

Water or H2O, as it is sometimes known, plays an crucial role in our world. It is an important resource that we overlook all the time. We fail to realize that we have a limited amount of water that is being reused at this v-

ery moment. Water can be a habitat to organisms or simply a form of getting rid of waste. Approximately 60-70% of our bodies is composed of water and we can die within a matter of days if we do not get water into our bodies. Plants and animals need water to survive too and without plants or animals, we would starve and our race would soon die off. As important as water is, we are still polluting our water even though it is scarce. We have to change this.

We can only use freshwater and yet only 3% of water is freshwater, the rest is salt water. When we pollute the water, we are diminishing the amount of water we have left. When we diminish the amount of available water, it means that there is less water for the future.
Less than 1% of all the water in the world is usable by humans. WE are the ones who are polluting the water and WE are the ONE of tht of clean water that we have, we are leaving less ressources to the future generations. We are slowly, but surely, destroying our habitat, our environment, our home and if we can’t stop it, it will become a huge problem for future generations. The majority of freshwater is stored in glaciers, yet we are polluting the little water with which we have access. This is frightening.

Millions of organisms need this resource. There are over 7 billion of us but millions of us go hungry, where food is not sufficient, while others flaunt their abundance of water, when in reality we are running low on water. It’s not the only thing that we are doing either. Our lifestyles are killing others; the air pollution, the water pollution, the land pollution, they’re all affecting millions of organisms. A prime example of the damage we’re doing, is in the water; the PH level in the oceans is slowly but surely is lowering, that means the water is way more acidic than it was before causing coral and other species of aquatic organisms to die. Do we really want an uninhabitable planet where the building blocks of life are out of our reach?



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